Global green gas solutions at industrial scale

We produce hydrogen (H2) from a range of feedstocks and natural resources. In Europe North, our main focus is on green hydrogen, H2 production with electrolysis and generated from renewable energy sources, using ITM Power’s modular PEM electrolysis technology and Linde’s world class EPC expertise and technologies. Blue hydrogen is hydrogen produced from non-renewable sources, where CO₂ emissions are reduced through CO₂ capture and storage (CCS). With CCS, carbon emissions from gas reforming and gasification can be reduced by 50-95%.

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ITM Linde Electrolysis (ILE) is a joint venture company between ITM Power a leading PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyser OEM, and and Linde Engineering.

We have a portfolio of technologies available, downstream of the electrolyser designed to add value and integrate solutions and services consists of:

  • Hydrogen – cleaning to highest purities (e.g. fuel cell / electronics quality)
  • Pressurisation and liquefaction
  • Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS)
  • Oxygen – drying and pressurisation
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Hydrogen is obtained from a variety of sources. It almost always needs one or more stages of purification before further processing. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA), for example, is a demanding process in which Linde is deemed an expert the world over, offering systems with capacities up to 400,000 Nm³/h and purities of over 99.999 vol. %.

To store hydrogen with the highest possible density and therefore the greatest efficiency, it must be cooled and liquefied.
The liquid hydrogen is stored in an insulated tank for further distribution. Capacities of Linde Kryotechnik hydrogen liquefiers range from 150 l/h to more than 20,000 l/h.
Linde has more than forty years’ experience in building hydrogen liquefaction plants.

Linde through Linde Kryotechnik is the world’s leading manufacturer of cryogenic equipment with expertise in in the planning, design and construction of hydrogen liquefiers as well as refrigerators. 

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