Two companies. One shared name.

AGA has changed its company name to Linde in 2020. AGA has been part of Linde since 2000 and comprises region Northern Europe, which includes all Nordic and Baltic countries. And now we share the same name – AGA has become Linde. Our customer relations and commitment to innovation, trust and safety remain unchanged.

Did you know...

Linde was founded almost 140 years ago? Technology, innovation and an inventive spirit have characterized Linde from the very beginning.

Did you know...

Linde applications allow our customers to avoid more than twice the CO2 emissions of all Linde operations.

Questions & Answers

AGA is changing its company name to Linde. Click on the question to read more about the name change.

  • Why is AGA changing its corporate name to Linde?

    Linde’s recent merger with Praxair has created a global market leader in industrial and medical gases. With such a strong position globally, we believe sharing one corporate brand will benefit our market positioning, accelerate development and be an engine for knowledge-sharing, to the benefit of employees, customers, partners and agents.

  • Will customers experience a difference after our name change?

    Customers will experience no change from how they do business now. All contacts and relations will remain the same. Longer term, we are certain our customers will benefit from Linde’s larger global footprint, broader technology portfolio, and the expertise and dedication of our combined workforce. 

    Sharing the corporate brand, bringing the AGA heritage into a larger family.

  • What does the name change mean for employees?

    Our business will not change, so we expect things to be business as usual. Hence, there will be no immediate changes for employees. We are still the same people working to give our customers the best possible products and services. That is the core in all that we do.

  • When will the brand change be complete?

    The formal brand change will take place in Q1, 2020. Vehicles, trucks, and offices, and a selected of customer tanks and sites, will be prioritized and rebranded during a transition period. Additional assets will be rebranded organically.

  • Why will you keep AGA as a brand for some products?

    Our propane, sparkling water products and hard-goods products will continue to be marketed under the AGA brand, because AGA is widely-recognized standing for quality, reliability, and a high level of service within these segments. As the AGA brand is a clear benefit for these product segments, we plan to maintain it.