Gas Regulators

BOC supplies a broad portfolio of single and multi-stage regulators that work with a wide range of gases and cylinders to give you precise pressure control across the full application spectrum.

Oxygen Regulators

We stock a broad portfolio of oxygen regulators for a wide range of cylinders. From cutting, welding and heating to gouging and HVAC, our reliable gauges give you consistent gas flows and pressures for every task.

Acetylene Regulators

Explore our range of versatile regulators for acetylene applications. Conforming to all relevant safety standards, our robust, reliable regulators ensure accurate gas flows and pressures for all your application needs.

Compressed Gas Nitrogen Regulators

Our high-pressure, single- and multi-stage nitrogen regulators are available in a range of different pressures for multiple cylinder types. These robust, compact models ensure precise gas flows even under harsh conditions.

Propane Regulators

Our compact single-gauge and gaugeless propane regulators conform to the latest safety standards and are designed for the toughest working conditions, ensuring accurate gas flows and pressures in harsh environments.

Air Regulators

Our single- and multi-stage air regulators conform to the latest safety standards and ensure extremely consistent flows and pressures. Explore our range to find the right solution for your application needs.

Argon Regulators

Our range of single-stage, one- and two-gauge argon regulators is designed to deliver consistent flow characteristics, longer life and improved performance. Each gauge is precision-engineered for optimum safety.

Hydrogen Regulators

Our high-performance hydrogen regulators allow you to precisely control gas flow and pressure in applications such as gas chromatography, flame ionisation detection, refrigeration, shielding, purging and oxygenation.

Carbon Dioxide Regulators

Our carbon dioxide regulators conform to the latest safety standards, allowing you to precisely control flows in applications such as incubation, autoclaving and welding-delivering perfect results every time.

Helium Regulators

Our helium regulators are ideal for applications such as gas chromatography and meteorological surveying. Manufactured to the latest safety standards, these regulators ensure consistent, precise helium gas flows.